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Annual General Meeting 2020
We will postpone our annual general meeting to September 2020.

Receipt of contribution 2019
The receipt of contribution for 2019 have been sent out in late January 2020 by email or by post.

Annual General Meeting 2019
The general meeting 2019 took place in EineWeltHaus, Schwanthaler Str. 80, 80336 Munich on 12.05.2019.

Receipt of contribution 2018
The receipt of contribution for 2018 have been sent out in late February 2019 by email or by post.

Barbecue 2018
Our barbecue took place in Munich on 01.09.2018. For details see here.

Annual General Meeting 2018
The last general meeting took place in Munich on 29.04.2018.

Cultural Event 2018
Our cultural event 2018 took place in Munich on March 4, 2018.

Golden A+ certificate
End of school year 2016 6 of 42 students achieved the Golden A+ certificate. Congratulations!

Our Blog
Our Blog from Bangladesch Jugendförderung e.V. is to see here:

Membership for students
The membership fee for students is 3 € per month.


• Current members: 179
• Scholarship receivers in 2019: 326
• District covered in 2019: 19
• Operating cost in 2019: 5,4%

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Bangladesch Jugendhilfe e.V.

Fund Management  


Fund Collection

Each member of this organization donates at least 10 Euro per month. There is no maximum limit for a donation. If minimum donation amount from the members is not set, it might be difficult to guarantee the scholarship of a fixed amount for a reasonable period of time. For simplicity, money will be booked from members’ account once in every six months. Non-members can also donate whatever amount they want. Members and non-members can show their donated amount in their yearly tax declaration as Bangladesch Jugendförderung e.V is approved by the appropriate government authority in Munich.


Money Transfer to Bangladesh

In order to reduce bank transaction cost from Germany to Bangladesh, the amount of scholarship is sent every 4 months to a central account in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Money is then transferred from this central account to several accounts of the scholarships holders’ area. All bank transaction costs are carried out by Bangladesch Jugendförderung e.V.