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• Current members: 155
• Scholarship receivers in 2017: 274
• District covered in 2017: 20
• Operating cost in 2017: 1,2%

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Bangladesch Jugendhilfe e.V.



Development for a developing country is a timely process. How fast the development will be achieved depends on the literacy of the nation. Unfortunately, most of the people in the developing countries like Bangladesh are illiterate. There are many meritorious students who show their potential in earlier stages of education. However, they fail to achieve results according to their ability or even cannot continue their education due to lack of financial support.

The scholarship program organized by "Bangladesch Jugendförderung e.V." is targeted for these poor and brilliant students in Bangladesh.

Aim of this association is to support these students financially to complete their "Higher Secondary School Certificate", so that, they have the opportunity to reach their goal.