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• Current members: 155
• Scholarship receivers in 2017: 274
• District covered in 2017: 20
• Operating cost in 2017: 1,2%

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Bangladesch Jugendhilfe e.V.

Donation Info  


Your data is safe

With respect to your data, we adhere strictly to the Data Protection Act in Germany. We use all your personal data exclusively in connection with your donation - for example, to send you a receipt or information which is in connection with your donation. Your information will not be disclosed to third parties.


Direct debit authorization

For the direct debit, we need your account number, bank number and the name of your bank. Please enter the donation amount with which you want to support our activities. After verifying your information, the donation will be debited from your account.


How my donation can be set off against tax liability?

For donations up to 100 EUR, your bank statement in combination with the print copy of the donation-contract is enough for the tax authorities. If you donate more than 100 EUR, a different donation receipt will be required by the tax authorities. Irrespectively, we will send you an unsolicited donation receipt for the donation over 50 EUR within the current calendar year.