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• Scholarship receivers in 2017: 274
• District covered in 2017: 20
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Bangladesch Jugendhilfe e.V.




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CountryPeople's Republic of Bangladesh
Official languageBangla (Bengali). Also   a number of tribal languages and in large cities English is widespread
Government Parliamentary Republic
Capital Dhaka (and the largest city)
Population164,800,000 (2017)
Area147,570 sq km
Population densityabout 1111 persons per sq km
Growth rate1.3% (annually)
Religions   (estimated)Muslims 90.4%
Hindu 8.5%
Buddhist 0.6%
Christians 0.3%
Followers of nature-and tribal religions (Ismaili) 0.1%
National holiday26th March -   Independence Day



Climate In Bangladesh, there are six seasons: spring, summer, rainy season, autumn, late autumn and winter. Approximately 80% of annual rainfall occurring from May to mid October. Bangladesh is affected by subtropical monsoon climate. The dry season is from March to November. Bangladesh is prone to natural disasters such as hurricanes and heavy rains with flooding as well as drought.
Temperatures Summer (April to September): minimum 21° C - maximum 34° C
Winter (November-February): minimum 9° C - maximum 29° C
Geographic locationIn South Asia, 20° 34'- 26° 38' north latitude, 88° 01'- 92° 41' east longitude, the Gulf of Bengal
VegetationBangladesh has only a few forested areas. 85% of Bangladesh consists of flat, fertile wet plain.


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