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• Current members: 155
• Scholarship receivers in 2017: 274
• District covered in 2017: 20
• Operating cost in 2017: 1,2%

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Bangladesch Jugendhilfe e.V.

Welcome to Bangladesch Jugendförderung e.V.  


Bangladesch Jugendförderung e.V. was founded in Munich, Germany by some expatriate Bangladeshis along with their German friends in April 2008. It was recognized as a nonprofit organization in October 2008 by Munich Tax office.

Main focus of Bangladesch Jugendförderung e.V. is to support underprivileged Bangladeshi students in their education. The organization conducts scholarship programs for the students from different districts of Bangladesh. The objective is to provide a self-sustaining strength to these students that leads to a long term socio-economic development.

Your contribution can change a life. Be a part of this organization by joining us or giving a donation.